The Global Middle: History, Socialisms and the Future – wykład Józsefa Böröcza, 3.12.2019

3 grudnia o godzinie 16.00 w sali konferencyjnej IEŚ odbędzie się wykład prof. Józsefa Böröcza z Department of Sociology Rutgers University.

The Global Middle: History, Socialisms and the Future
Much has been said about the two extreme positions in the capitalist world-economy — the core and the periphery — and gross inequalities between the two, undercutting any notion of the moral unity of humanity. This lecture turns attention to the "global middle” — societies clustered around the world mean per capita income — a location often absent from global conversations (incidentally, a category that most post-state-socialist states of east-central Europe, including Poland and Hungary, find themselves in). The global middle is of great conceptual and political significance for a more sustainable future. This lecture examines what we can learn from the historical experiences of the societies that have occupied that position in the longue durée.

Słowo wstępne prof. Agnieszka Kolasa-Nowak
Kierownik Katedry Socjologii Zmiany Społecznej UMCS

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