IEŚ Policy Papers 10/2021

Ukraine under Zelenskyy: Domestic, Foreign and Security Policy in Flux

Vlad Vernygora | Marta Drabczuk | Oleksii Polegkyi | Tomasz Stępniewski | Paul D’Anieri | Victoria Vdovychenko

ISBN: 978-83-66413-70-2

Number of pages: 88

Format: 135x200

Edition: Lublin 2021

- Victoria Vdovychenko, Vlad Vernygora, Naïveté as a beginning: Ze Ukrainian foreign policy
- Marta Drabczuk, The “Dreamland” of President Zelenskyy: implementation or imitation of economic changes
- Oleksii Polegkyi, Security issues of Ukraine in the context of Russian-Ukrainian conflict
- Tomasz Stępniewski, The European Union’s Eastern Partnership after the Brussels summit: what’s next?
- Paul D’Anieri, Continuity in Ukraine-US relations in the Biden-Zelenskyy era

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