Czeskie czasopismo dominikańskie „Salve” i wzajemne relacje polsko-czeskie (en translation)

Tomasz Dostatni

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Pages: 121-134

Edition: Lublin 2010

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Abstract: The article presents the periodical “Salve”, published by Czech Dominicans in Prague. Despite a relatively limited – especially for historical reasons – religious role of the Catholic Church in the contemporary Czech state, “Salve” plays a significant part in the Czech social and cultural life and is an opinion-forming magazine. The periodical gathers substantial intellectuals (not only from the Czech Republic), the centre of this environment being the Archbishop of Prague and the Czech Primate Dominik Duka OP. “Salve” is a creation of the values which for over eight centuries have characterized the Dominican spirituality, engaged in building the world based both on humanistic values and the faith. The appendix to the work contains an article by Peter Příhoda, entitled The Czechs and the Poles, Their Faith, Piety and Mutual Relations, published previously in “Salve”.