Kosowo w procesie Integracji Europejskiej (en translation)

Konrad Pawłowski

ORCID: Konrad Pawłowski:

Pages: 101-130

Edition: Lublin 2011

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Abstract: The subject of the article is Kosovo’s participation in the process of European integration. Starting with the perspective of Kosovo membership, declared by the EU, the analysis involves the specificity of Kosovo’s partnership in the Stabilisation and Association Process as well as the institutions for European integration of the Republic of Kosovo. Further, the article focuses on the factors conditioning the progress of the integration process, that is the controversy over Kosovo’s status, Serbia’s policy, serious economic difficulties, problems with guaranteeing the democratic character of Kosovo’s political system as well as the enlargement fatigue of the very EU. The last part of the article concentrates on the EU actions in Kosovo and concerns the financial help and the functioning of the EU structures. Finally, the author draws attention to the progress in Kosovo’s achieving the European standards. However, he indicates that it still remains an “unfinished state” which encounters numerous serious difficulties and faces a lack of EU member states’ agreement over its international legal status. According to the author, as a result of these circumstances the so called Kosovo’s European perspective remains a thing of the distant future.