Dżygit w krainie magii. Wartości i wyobrażenia o świecie w baśniach narodów Kaukazu

Magdalena Lejman

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Pages: 165-178

Edition: Lublin 2012

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Abstract: The article analyses some elements of Caucasian fairy tales that reflect their regional character. The author aims to specify some of the fairy tales’ particular values determining their local Caucasian character. She starts with the universal nature of fairy tales in which a protagonist has to face many obstacles on the road to personal happiness. The qualities of bravery, cleverness, obedience towards elders and hospitality are analyzed on the basis of numerous fairy tales of the North and the South Caucasian nations. The author indicates also the vision of the world the fairy tales derive from local myths, and as a consequence the substantial role the fairy tales may play in reuniting a human being with the spiritual heritage of his ancestors, as well as with the natural world he used to feel a part of.