Interesy Federacji Rosyjskiej wobec państw Południowego Kaukazu (en translation)

ORCID: Ireneusz Topolski:

Pages: 23-39

Edition: Lublin 2012

DOI: --

Abstract: The Russian Federation strives to maintain its presence in South Caucasus countries, which constitutes its vitally important interest in the region. The most important priorities of the policy of Russia towards South Caucasus countries are: security assurance and the maintenance of stability in the region; the maintenance of military presence; the prevention of the intervention of third-party countries; the development of economic co-operation and the use of energy instruments. The following issues are of limited significance: the participation of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia in integration processes in the CIS area; the protection of Russian minority’s rights and Russian citizens’ rights in the countries of the region; the migration of South Caucasus’ population to the Russian Federation; the development of cultural co-operation as well as building Russia’s positive image among South Caucasus countries.