Historia Ormian i Armenii oczami świadków. Wstępne rezultaty projektów badawczych zrealizowanych w latach 2010‑2012 z zakresu historii mówionej i pamięci zbiorowej w Republice Armenii i Republice Gruzji (en translation)

Jakub Osiecki

ORCID: Jakub Osiecki:

Pages: 147-164

Edition: Lublin 2012

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Abstract: The article deals with the results of the oral history projects which have been completed in Armenia and Georgia in the years 2010-2012. The author has concluded 65 biographical interviews with elderly Armenians. The author of the text used collected audio-resources and presented memories of interviewers toward ancestors, soviet reign and genocide. Most of the interviewers were able to draw a precise picture of the families’ history. Also most of the group positively remembered the USSR and the leaders of Armenian SSR. In the interviews the issue of genocide is present as well. The interviewers, who currently live in the Republic of Armenia, had not seen the genocide, but they treat this event as a common experience of whole diaspora.