Sto osiemdziesiąt lat później. Kilka uwag na marginesie Rozważań o dyplomacji księcia Adama i Studium Marka Kornata Adam Czartoryski, Rozważania o dyplomacji, przeł. Jan Maria Kłoczowski – Marek Kornat, Studium. Reforma dyplomacji i legitymizm narodów, Wy (en translation)

Anna Barańska

ORCID: Anna Barańska:

Pages: 29-44

Edition: Lublin 2012

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Abstract: In 2011, Adam Jerzy Czartoryski’s Essay on Diplomacy, first published in French in 1830, was finally translated into Polish, 150 years after the author’s death. The translation by Jan Maria Kłoczowski was published enriched with a comprehensive study by Marek Kornat – a researcher of the history of international relations. This publication is an important academic event. Czartoryski’s treatise tackles the still relevant issues of international order, collective security, the right of sovereignty and the unity of Europe. Marek Kornat analyses the ideas of Prince Adam Czartoryski in a wide perspective of a European political thought and points to those which were novel and long-lasting. He pictures the author of Essay as an outstanding theoretician of diplomacy and puts him on a par with Benjamin Constant and Alexis de Tocqueville. Kornat also draws the reader’s attention to the fact that although many of Czartoryski’s ideas were unprecedented they are not currently attributed to his name, and his theoretical legacy has not been appreciated by either Polish or foreign historiography. The political biography of Prince Adam was discussed in A Study, out of the necessity, very briefly. Should one wish to follow this discussion, they could ask the question about the factual influence of Czartoryski on Alexander I and the policy of Russia until 1815. It seems that despite the undeniable role he played in the Polish affairs, his real ability to act was rather limited. Another interesting issue is the problem of the origin of the Holy Alliance and the connections between The Act of Holy Alliance (26 September 1815) and The Concert of Europe (the Quintuple Alliance). The Act of Holy Alliance referred to the idea of the European League of 1804, which was co-authored by Adam Czartoryski. However, it was simultaneously influenced by certain ideas of German religious Awakening, especially by works of Franz von Baader, appreciated by Alexander I.