Dramaturgia białoruska w aspekcie zagadnień tożsamościowych (wybrane problemy) (en translation)

Beata Siwek

ORCID: Beata Siwek:

Pages: 165-171

Edition: Lublin 2013

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Abstract: This article is an attempt to present the most important issues concerning the identity discourse within Belarusian cultural and literary arena. The author of the article is particularly interested in Belarusian dramaturgic texts, which undoubtedly played an important role in the forming of the cultural peculiarity of the Belarusian nation and, simultaneously, which account for an important voice in the discussion on Belarusians’ national autonomy. So varied in its forms and language material, Belarusian dramaturgy realizes very many different themes and tackles a wide range of problems. This makes it helpful not only in the search for answers to the question of the roots of the Belarusian nation, but it also allows us to observe numerous conditionings (not only cultural, but political and religious as well) of the formation process of Belarusians’ identity.