Wybrane determinanty bezpieczeństwa ekonomicznego państw obszaru poradzieckiego (en translation)

Krzysztof Falkowski

ORCID: Krzysztof Falkowski:

Pages: 25-44

Edition: Lublin 2013

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Abstract: At a time of a more and more globalized world economy, developing liberalization of international economic relations and also internationalization of business activities (including the growing role of transitional corporations), the issue of economic security is becoming increasingly important. This has also lead to redefi ning of the traditional functions of the state. The main aim of this article is to discuss selected factors which according to the author determine the level of economic security in the post-Soviet states at the greatest level. The level of economic security in the post-Soviet states is diverse; determined by a variety of diff erent factors with diff ering weights of infl uence. There are both endogenous as well as exogenous factors, and special attention to the role of Russia should be paid in regard to the latter.