Approaching CEEs’ security dimensions from a security governance perspective (en translation)

Anna Visvizi

ORCID: Anna Visvizi: 0000-0003-3240-3771

Pages: 11-26

Edition: Lublin 2013

DOI: --

Abstract: More than twenty years after the end of communism in the CEEs, questions of security remain as valid as ever in the region with variable dimensions of security comprising a complex mosaic of security threats. After 1989 the CEEs’ geostrategic orientation changed, the logic and mechanisms of addressing the evolving security dimensions underwent dramatic reformulation, while a great number of contingencies beset the ways of navigating the emerging challenges to security. Central in the discussion on security in the CEEs is therefore the question of effective governance of the multitude of qualitatively different security dimensions that unfold in an evolving regional and international context. The discussion in this chapter approaches this issue from a security governance perspective.