Economic security aspects of the potential EMU membership of Poland (en translation)

Joanna Stryjek

ORCID: Joanna Stryjek:

Pages: 47-64

Edition: Lublin 2013

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Abstract: Following the eurozone crisis, the adoption of the euro and membership in the eurozone seem to have lost their attractiveness. Therefore, Poland’s eurozone bid needs to be rethought. In particular, since current developments in the eurozone render its future uncertain, adopting the euro at this moment may generate more challenges and threats than opportunities and benefits to the Polish economy. In this sense, Polish membership in the eurozone becomes a question of economic security. Three research-questions are addressed in this paper, i.e. should Poland seek to meet the convergence criteria in a period when almost all the EMU member states fail to fulfil them; whether – from the economic security point of view – the low level of innovativeness of the Polish economy creates new risks to the country’s potential participation in the eurozone; and how to conceive of economic security through the lens of membership in an unstable eurozone which is undergoing a process of deep reforms.