Chorwacja. Źródła jedności i perspektywy współpracy w Europie Środkowej (en translation)

Jan Muś

ORCID: Jan Muś:

Pages: 81-92

Edition: Lublin 2013

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Abstract: This article is an attempt to sketch a picture of the international identity of the Republic of Croatia in relation to the Visegrad Group. There exist solid foundations of shared identity as well as cooperation, thought Croatia has also other options to choose from. Owing to its geopolitical location and its history-shaped international identity, Croatia has three paths in its foreign policy: towards the Balkans, towards Central Europe, including Austria and Slovenia, and towards the Mediterranean (Italy in particular). The social and economic conditions encourage Croatia towards cooperation with the Visegrad Group. The character of the political life encourages her towards the south-east path and the states of the former Yugoslavia, while the Mediterranean path will be an alternative for Croatia in terms of its international interests.