Kościół wschodni na polskim i węgierskim Spiszu – między politycznymi podziałami a kulturową jednością (en translation)

ORCID: Andrzej Gil: 0000-0002-6415-8339

ORCID: Andrzej Gil: 0000-0002-6415-8339

Pages: 141-150

Edition: Lublin 2013

DOI: --

Abstract: The article presents in a broad historical perspective a history of the Eastern Churches (Orthodox and Uniate) in the territory of Upper Hungary (i.e. today’s Slovakia) and their relations with the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Kyiv. The history of both religious associations of the Byzantine tradition in the northern part of Hungary, which have strong connections with the Ruthenians in the Republic of Poland, may be an interesting example of a regional cooperation.