Obsesja historii. O pewnym aspekcie twórczości Jana Polkowskiego (en translation)


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Pages: 129-136

Edition: Lublin 2013

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Abstract: Polkowski emerged as a mature, fully formed poetic personality at the time of great changes in the Polish reality – the autumn of 1980. Thus, viewed from the reader’s point of view, his poetic activity began in the 80’s and, being a part of independent culture and shaping its ethos, it resounded in unison with the political and spiritual climate of the time. one of the major roles of the poet in Polkowski’s poetry is that of a witness. Only the forms of the testimony differ, which most often carries the belief that a catastrophe befell the last century. History is to the poetry something more than just an illustration. At the same time, poetry has expressed on many occasions its distrust towards the verdicts of the history. The case of Polkowski’s poetry represents a difficult process of the forming of a modern awareness of history.