Integracja europejska Ukrainy a problem „europejskości” w życiu politycznym państwa (en translation)

ORCID: Włodzimierz Osadczy:

Pages: 139-150

Edition: Lublin 2014

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Abstract: The aim of the study is to show the circumstances of the situation in Ukraine and their influence on the process of integration of Ukraine with the European Union. At the end of 2003 and the beginning of 2004, a political crisis began in Ukraine, which brought the problem of the Europeanism of that state and its prospects for integration with Europe up for discussion. The entire protest action was steeped in pro-European rhetoric. The venue of the civil unrest was called Euromaidan, or a “revolution of values”, as the protesters motivated their actions by a desire for a European chance for Ukraine. The most immediate reason that sparked the rebellion was an unrealized association agreement with the European Union which the then Ukrainian authorities had promised but failed to sign.