Ukraińskie rewolucje a parlamentaryzm (en translation)

Krzysztof Fedorowicz

ORCID: Krzysztof Fedorowicz:

Pages: 57-76

Edition: Lublin 2014

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Abstract: The revolution in the Ukraine in 2014 brought about transformation of the political system in the direction of the parliamentary form of government. The issues associated with the process of the formation of the political system are not only the problem of Ukraine. In the first period of the independence of Ukraine, defining the desired shape of the political system was the priority. During the works on passing of a new constitution, the possibility of inserting a model of the parliamentary republic was being considered. However, the constitution of Ukraine from 1996 implemented a model closest to the solutions of a presidential parliamentary republic. The conversion from the presidential parliamentary republic into a parliamentary presidential republic in 2006 was characterized by enhancing the position of the government, in particular of the prime minister, at the cost of a distinct limitation of the powers of the President. It quickly became one of the causes of more and more frequent conflicts within that triangle of power. Current attempts to change the political regime for a parliamentary system were made in a context of a political crisis. In case of Ukraine, the change of the political system will not bring the nation any solution of the fundamental issues with which Ukraine has struggled with.