Bosnia and Herzegovina – Unquiet Region – Implication for Neighbouring Countries (en translation)

Ewa Dominikowska

ORCID: Ewa Dominikowska:

Pages: 73-92

Edition: Lublin 2014

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Abstract: The article is devoted to the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and its impact on the European security. Particular emphasis has been placed on the recent history of the state, including the Balkan wars taking place in the end of twenty century, as well as on the resulting from it complex internal situation, without any doubts influencing the perception of Bosnia and Herzegovina as not fully democratic state, struggling with many problems of political, social, as well as religious and ethnic nature. Not without consequence for this situation is the attitude of neighboring countries – Serbia and Croatia. Policy pursued by the governments of these countries has a huge influence on the actions taken by the national minorities living in the regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has an impact on the internal situation of the country. All these activities contribute to internal stability and external position of Bosnia and Herzegovina.