Instrukcja Lorenzo Lauriego i Francesco Marmaggiego wobec sytuacji politycznej Polski w latach 20. XX wieku (en translation)

Wojciech Walczak

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Pages: 147-154

Edition: Lublin 2014

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Abstract: In the article, the Author presents a fragment of the instruction given to apostolic nuncio Lorenzo Lauri (1921-1927) by the Secretariat of State of the Hole See. The instruction includes the description of political situation as well as guidelines on how to deal with the matters occurring behind the eastern border of the Polish Republic. The source is important because it also outlines the political situation of Lauri’s successor, Francesco Marmaggi, nuncio in the years 1928-1935. The files of the Warsaw Nunciature from the period 1921-1939 were declassified by Benedict XVI in 2006. They include much valuable information concerning nuncios’ political activity and show the Holy See’s political assessment of actions taken by Polish authorities.