Współpraca Litwy i Polski w kontekście regionalnym w latach 2004-2014 (en translation)

Mindaugas Norkevičius

ORCID: Mindaugas Norkevičius:

Pages: 155-173

Edition: Lublin 2015

DOI: --

Abstract: The article seeks to assess the perspectives of cooperation between Lithuania and Poland by highlighting the dimensions of political dialogue development, energy cooperation, security and defence policy. This paper aims to: 1) analyse the development of a political dialogue between Lithuania and Poland in bilateral relations; 2) to assess the development of security and defence policy; 3) to find out the importance of energy projects in cooperation between the states. The following research methods are used in this article: public speeches of officials, analysis of documents and media content. The priorities of cooperation between Lithuania and Poland, and foreign policy, and their development are directed at bilateral, subregional, and regional cooperation. The directions of strategic partnerships and regional cooperation of Lithuania and Poland often intersect, overlap, or intertwine by causalities. Therefore, strategic partnership cannot be treated as an expression of more intensive cooperation than the current bilateral cooperation or implementation of the common policy in the regional context. The targets of regional cooperation between Lithuania and Poland are directed at the cooperation of the Baltic Sea region, Eastern, and Central Europe. The regional positions of countries are related with the EU, NATO, ESBO, and other international organisations. The development of regional and subregional cooperation is tied by bilateral relations of neighbouring countries and international communities. The directions of bilateral, subregional, and regional cooperation between Lithuania and Poland are similar. There is a lack of research on perspectives of cooperation between Lithuania and Poland, in particular, by highlighting the cooperation dimension.