The geopolitics of the ENP: from Tahrir to Minsk (en translation)

Katarzyna Górak-Sosnowska

ORCID: Katarzyna Górak-Sosnowska: 0000-0002-1121-6240

Pages: 61-73

Edition: Lublin 2015

DOI: --

Abstract: Today the European Union (EU) is challenged by the developments beyond its eastern and southern borders, incl. a series of conflicts that have been erupting in different spots of the Middle East and North Africa since the end of 2010, i.e. the so called Arab Spring and the Russia-Ukraine war that started in 2014. The EU’s relations with both regions used to be framed by the European Neighbourhood Policy. The objective of this paper is to examine the implications of the geopolitical changes that have taken place in the EU’s imminent neighbourhood over the past few years for that complex policy framework.