Współczesna Rosja: szkice o życiu społecznym (en translation)

Jewgienij Gontmacher

ORCID: Jewgienij Gontmacher:

Pages: 9-34

Edition: Lublin 2016

DOI: --

Citation method: J. Gontmacher, Współczesna Rosja: szkice o życiu społecznym, „Rocznik Instytutu Euro-py Środkowo-Wschodniej”, 14 (2016), z. 2, s. 9-34.

Abstract: This article is an attempt at a synthetic presentation of the changes occurring in the social life of the post-Soviet Russia (i.e. from the collapse of the USSR to the present). The first part of the article discusses a number of problems preventing Russian society from transiting from Sovietism to Europeism, the issue of so-called social justice, as well as the mentality of Homo Sovieticus and Homo Europeus. The second part of the article presents an analysis of the economic aspects of the life of the Russian society, including the problems of poverty and social strata, economical stagnation and the lack of reforms. Apart from diagnosing problems, the author also attempts to show possible roads for the development of the Russian society.