The defense practice in the case of Joseph Brodsky: creating principles (en translation)

Olga Rosenblum

ORCID: Olga Rosenblum:

Pages: 95-110

Edition: Lublin 2016

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Abstract: The article discusses the work of Frida Vigdorova, a Moscow teacher, journalist and publicist who took the minutes of the court hearing during the trial of Joseph Brodsky and then publicised them without official censorship. The publication in the second circulation of a direct transcript of the court hearing become an example to follow for later such texts. The dissident circles in the USSR regarded free access to information as one of the fundamental human and citizen rights. The document created by Frida Vigdorova became known all over the world. It was also published in the Western press and it became a symbolic evidence of breaking the right to a fair trial in the USSR.