Dyskurs narodowościowy na Litwie w kontekście współczesnych wyzwań (en translation)

Discourse of Nationality in Lithuania in the Context of Contemporary Challenges

Aleksandra Kuczyńska-Zonik

ORCID: Aleksandra Kuczyńska-Zonik: 0000-0002-5672-9613

Afiliacja: John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland

Pages: 281-300

Edition: Lublin 2016

DOI: --

Abstract: Russia’s annexation of Crimea and war in Eastern Ukraine have influenced Lithuania’s perception of security in the region significantly. An issue of internal stability and integration of society in Lithuania has become more important. Need for harmonized policy towards national and ethnic minorities was recognized, otherwise social divisions can be used by Russia as an instrument of Russia’s hybrid war against the Baltic states. The contemporary discourse of nationality in Lithuania focuses on: 1) issue of integration of ethnic and national minorities in Lithuanian society; 2) advancement of their linguistic competence and 3) improvement of their social and economic situation. Therefore some efforts in the field of development of Lithuanian language, encouragement of civic attitude and sense of solidarity, as well as informative policy to prevent the negative influence from Russia, support for youth organizations, promotion of tolerance and averting of ethnic discrimination should be expected. New integration strategy does not change Lithuania’s point of view towards national and ethnic minorities seriously. It should be regarded more as a concretization or update of national policy in the context of contemporary challenges.