The European Union and Eastern Partnership: Crises and Strategic Assessment (en translation)

Tomasz Stępniewski

ORCID: Tomasz Stępniewski: 0000-0002-4581-5145

Pages: 337-344

Edition: Lublin 2016

DOI: --

Abstract: The EU’s Eastern Partnership is frequently perceived as an inefficient policy. One may even risk saying it has become obsolete. Is it true that the EaP has not lived up to its expectations? Are we dealing with insecurity with regards to the EaP’s future and objectives? Will Russia’s actions towards EaP’s countries contribute to the policy’s objectives becoming unachievable? Will the EU, facing crises (especially the migration crisis) and the prospect of Brexit itself, be able to consider the position EaP’s countries are in? Will Poland, supported by V4 states, be able to convince EU countries to become actively invested in the affairs in the East? Seven years after the introduction of the EaP, its achievements, objectives and possibilities need to be revisited. Such a need has become even more pressing due to the EaP summit planned to take place in 2017 (to be held in Brussels or Tallinn – the location has not been fixed yet). A change of both the approach and narration as far as the EaP and countries it encompasses is necessary.