Planowanie i programowanie wieloletnie narzędziem implementacji polityki spójności UE – analiza porównawcza metodyki kolejnych perspektyw programowych i wyzwania na lata 2014-2020 (en translation)

Artur Bartoszewicz

ORCID: Artur Bartoszewicz:

Pages: 33-60

Edition: Lublin 2011

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Abstract: The subject of this study was to identify and analyze the methodology of building the tools of implementation of cohesion policy in social, economic and spatial dimensions within the structures of the European Union (EU). The experiences of the European Union showed a widespread use of planning methods and techniques in various methodological and institutional forms and the use of perspective thinking in pro-development decision-making process. Apart from the system of socialist countries the planning solution identified in the European Union’s structural policy can be considered the most formalised among the ones implemented in the world. The requirement for joint decision making, implementation of the treaty provisions and the desire to achieve the objectives determined in the strategy documents caused the use of multidimensional organizational solution which gives the opportunity to achieve the intended indicators of output, results, and the effect.