17 May 2022

Visit of ICE Board to Bucharest /12-14 May 2022

Visit of ICE Board to Bucharest /12-14 May 2022

On 12-14 May 2022, representatives of ICE were in Bucharest: Prof. Beata Surmacz, Prof. Tomasz Stępniewsk, Dr. Jakub Olchowski and Dr. Piotr Oleksy from the Eastern Europe team.

During their stay in Bucharest, they held a number of talks and meetings. On 12 May, there was a meeting with Iulian Fota, State Secretary for Strategy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. On May 13, a meeting with the New Strategy Center was held, which was attended by George Scutaru (Director General of the NSC), Gheorghe Magheru (Member of the Scientific Council) and Izel Selim (Program Director).

This was followed by a seminar with Global Focus, entitled: “European Security After Russian Aggression on Ukraine-Polish and Romanian Perspectives” (13 May 2022). In addition to representatives of ICE, the meeting was attended by Oana Popescu-Zamfir (Director of Global Focus), Rufin Zamfir (Program Director of GF, now also an employee of the Euroatlantic Resilience Center) and Andrei Tiut.