Jakiej debaty o przeszłości potrzebuje Rosja? Aleksiej Miller o narodach, historiografiach i polityce historycznej we współczesnej Europie Wschodniej (en translation)

Tomasz Stryjek

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Pages: 33-58

Edition: Lublin 2010

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Abstract: The Russia of the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries is a state searching for the place on the world map and contending with its imperial heritage. The example for this dichotomy is academic and journalistic activity led by Aleksiej Miller, one of the most distinguished contemporary Russian historians and political scientists, the main character of the present sketch. The analysis concentrates on Miller’s academic work, concerning the question of historical policy of Eastern European countries and Russia, Ukrainian-Russian relations and the place of both the states in this part of the continent. Undoubtedly, Aleksiej Miller is one of the most renowned specialists in these research fields, who understands (or tries to understand) his neighbours’ arguments although remaining a Russian patriot, actively engaged in the justification of Russian historical policy towards the neighbouring countries.