Na drodze do imperium. Kształtowanie się Rosji do połowy XVII wieku (en translation)

Andrzej Gil

ORCID: Andrzej Gil: 0000-0002-6415-8339

Pages: 59-92

Edition: Lublin 2010

DOI: --

Abstract: mperialism has been inscribed in the history of Muscovy/Russia since the very beginning of its existence as an independent political entity. Its growth was reinforced by the Mongol-Tatar state, at the expense of other Ruthenian principalities. The Muscovite imperial concept was mainly based on competent making use of various processes and phenomena in Muscovy and its immediate surroundings. It was a specific utilitarianism of ideas, exploiting everything that could bring any benefit. Territorial gains and spreading spheres of influence were explained as if post factum; the very success was the most important, resulting in the spreading of the Grand Duke’s/Tsar’s power. The article presents the process of creating the Russian empire with particular interest in the reign of Ivan IV the Terrible and his successors – the Tsars: Fiodor , Boris Godunov, Vasili Shuyski and the first Romanovs.