Військова діяльність князя Данила Романовича в контексті мілітарного розвитку Центральної та Східної Європи ХІІІ століття (en translation)

Андрій Федорук

ORCID: Андрій Федорук:

Pages: 43-62

Edition: Lublin 2014

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Abstract: The article addresses the subject of Prince Daniel Romanowicz’s activity in the military domain against the background of the general military advancement of the states of Central and Eastern Europe in the 13th century. It puts a particular emphasis on the differences in organisation of Galician- Volhynian armies compared to the military forces of their eastern and western neighbours. It is being highlighted that, compared to those, the Prince of Rus’ has managed to assemble quite a formidable military power, which spontaneously combined military traditions of the eastern and western states.