Oblicze ideowe ruchu dysydenckiego w Związku Radzieckim (en translation)

Ideological face of the Soviet dissident movement

Siergiej Łukaszewski

ORCID: Siergiej Łukaszewski:

Pages: 69-94

Edition: Lublin 2016

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Abstract: The dissident movement in the USSR consisted of various circles. Also various were its aims and means of opposition against the Soviet authori-tarian rule. The movement had, thus, different faces and today can be defined in a number of ways. The article attempts to consolidate the most important terms and notions, it shows chorological framework, provides definitions. First objections and speeches which were dissident in nature we see in the context of the scandal concerning Doctor Zhivago and the Nobel price for its author – Boris Pasternak. Later on there were the arrests of writers Andrei Sinyavsky and Yuli Daniel. The following years brought better and better an institutional organization of the dissident community.