Ethical problems with coverage of the Russian-Ukrainian war in online media and social networks

Problemy etyczne w relacjonowaniu wojny rosyjsko-ukraińskiej w mediach internetowych i na portalach społecznościowych

| Ivan Krupskyi

ORCID: Ivan Krupskyi: 0000-0002-3520-499X

ORCID: Yaroslav Syvakivskyi: 0000-0002-1008-6229

ORCID: Yaroslav Syvakivskyi: 0000-0002-1008-6229

Pages: 231-247

Edition: Lublin 2023


Citation method: Y. Syvakivskyi, I. Krupskyi, Ethical problems with coverage of the Russian-Ukrainian war in online media and social networks, „Rocznik Instytutu Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej” 21 (2023), z. 2, s. 231-247, DOI:

Abstract: The purpose of our research was to analyse the influence of social networks on the perception of the war in Ukraine as well as on the course of the struggle in the information field. Today, social networks have become one of the main trendsetters, therefore, to effectively fight against disinformation and enemy information attacks, it is necessary to understand not only the specifics of their audience’s perception of information but also to be well-versed in the specifics of the content generated by social media. For this purpose, we used the comparative method, monitoring, and content analysis. In the article, we give examples of ethical dilemmas that Russia can use to its advantage in the war against Ukraine. For example, social media policies prohibit the posting of sensitive content. This does not allow telling the whole truth about the war, as a result of which not everyone understands the depth of the tragedy. Thanks to this, the world’s reaction to Russia’s criminal actions is not as harsh as it could be. Our research was an attempt not only to outline the problem but also to propose ways to solve it. It is clear that media and ethics are inseparable, but at the same time, it is necessary to understand that ethics cannot hide the truth. In future studies, it is worth investigating more deeply the ethical norms of the coverage of sensitive content, especially about war. Perhaps it would be worthwhile indicating the situations that allow departure from the general rules.
W przyszłych badaniach warto głębiej przyjrzeć się normom etycznym relacjonowania treści drażliwych, zwłaszcza o tematyce wojennej.


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