Czynniki spajające więzi państwowe Austro-Węgier przed 1914 r.

Factors cementing state cohesion of Austria-Hungary before 1914

Dariusz Jeziorny

ORCID: Dariusz Jeziorny: 000-0002-3724-7213

Pages: 7-25

Edition: Lublin 2023


Citation method: D. Jeziorny, Czynniki spajające więzi państwowe Austro-Węgier przed 1914 r., „Rocznik Instytutu Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej” Rok 21(2023), z. 3, s. 7-25, DOI:

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Abstract: The problem of chances of survival of the Austria-Hungarian monarchy had been a topic of thousands of books and articles in many languages and it is difficult to study all of them. The question whether or not the Habsburg monarchy was doomed to dissolute because of nationality tensions still remains inspiring. Researchers still take up new and detailed topics. Basing on their output it is possible to reassess the problem on more general level. The factors of economic development, administrative structure of the dual state, external enemy, bureaucracy, army and dynasty will be taken into consideration. They will show to what extent the cohesion of Austria-Hungary was maintained before 1914.