The European Political Community: A Polish perspective

Europejska Wspólnota Polityczna: polska perspektywa

Agnieszka K. Cianciara

ORCID: Agnieszka K. Cianciara: 0000-0002-5530-8745

Pages: 55-71

Edition: Lublin 2023


Citation method: A. K. Cianciara, The European Political Community: A Polish perspective, „Rocznik Instytutu Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej” 21 (2023), z. 2, s. 55-71, DOI:

Abstract: This article seeks to investigate the birth and evolution of the European Political Community – a pan-European multilateral coordination format that has emerged at the initiative of France and in reaction to the Russian full-scale military aggression in Ukraine. The analysis draws on official speeches, think-tank briefs, and the Author’s participatory observation conducted during international expert meetings held in early 2023. It is argued that the EPC is still a “moving target” in the early stage of development, where both its objectives and structure are not yet fully defined. From a Polish perspective, it has so far sent a key strategic message to Russia and can serve as a vehicle to re-engage with the United Kingdom or Turkey. But it should not be used as yet another ENP-style waiting room for candidates seeking EU membership.


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