Lublin Central Europe Forum

Lublin Central Europe Forum 2023

Lublin Central Europe Forum 2023 / 29-30 MAY 2023THIS YEAR’S THEME: Central Europe in the Shadow of War: Challenges and Perspectives 29 May 2023 / Trybunał Koronny w Lublinie / 16.30 Debate: Lublin Triangle: the Power of Regionalism in the Changing Global System In cooperation with the Institute of Political Science and...

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Lublin Central Europe Forum 2022

This Year’s Theme: Central Europe: a Shift in the Security Paradigm Link do transmisji 25 maja 24 MAY 2022 (Trybunał Koronny, Lublin, 16.00 CET) Otwarcie Forum: Krzysztof Żuk, Prezydent Miasta Lublina Beata Surmacz, Dyrektor Instytutu Europy Środkowej panel 1: Agresja Rosji na Ukrainę: konsekwencje dla porządku i bezpieczeństwa międzynarodowego Moderatorzy:  Beata...

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Welcome to the first edition of the Lublin Central Europe Forum organized by the Institute of Central Europe in cooperation with numerous partners from Poland and Europe. In 2021, we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the events crucial to the region. Thirty years ago, in February 1991, the Visegrád Group was established as a structure integrating the central part of...

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