2 grudnia 2021

Dr hab. Konrad Pawłowski will take part in WESTERN BALKANS SUMMIT 2021

Dr hab. Konrad Pawłowski will take part in WESTERN BALKANS SUMMIT 2021

We cordially invite you to watch the panel with dr hab. Konrad Pawłowski during the WESTERN BALKANS SUMMIT 2021, which will take place on 4th Dec at 14:00.

Panel II: Security, Migration and Foreign Interference in the Western Balkans

At the geographic and political cross-roads of Europe, the Western Balkans is risk of the hostile influence of autocratic powers such as Russia, China, Iran, and others. The region is also prone to migratory pressure from outside Europe that further undermines the security in the region. The European Union and the United States, long champions of the democratic will of the region’s citizens, find themselves supporting a population under constant threat in Economic, Political, Social, and Informational spheres of life. Being at the doorstep to the European Union, any instability and threat to security in the Western Balkans, as well as foreign interference, have negative spill over effects in the Union


  • Paweł Śliwiński; Team Leader Western Balkans and Turkey, International Cooperation Unit, Frontex – European Border and Coast Guard Agency (PL)
  • Tomasz Grzywaczewski; journalist, writer, and analyst specializing in Central and Eastern Europe (PL)
  • Julianna Ármás; Research Fellow at Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade (HU)
  • Martin Sokolov; Geopolitical Expert; Centre for National Security and Defence Research – BAS (BG)
  • Drizan Shala; National Security Expert, Institute for the Rapprochement of Inter-Ethnic Relations in Kosovo (KS)
  • Konrad Pawłowski; Head of the Balkan Department at the Institute of Central Europe in Lublin (PL)
  • Moderator: Anna Fotyga; MEP, Law and Justice (ECR-PL)

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