22 kwietnia 2021

EU enlargement: What went wrong and when / 21 kwietnia

EU enlargement: What went wrong and when / 21 kwietnia

Zapraszamy do obejrzenia webinarium “EU enlargement: What went wrong and when?”, które odbyło się 21 kwietnia 2021. Two decades after the formal inclusion of the Western Balkans in the process of European integration, the WB6 states remain underdeveloped economically and politically demanding peripheries of the European Union. Despite the medial coverage of the region as troublesome and immature it is not easy to answer the question why the progress is so slow after the big enlargement of 2004/7? Is this a fault of the Western Balkan countries and their elites or a systemic error of the EU? What is a desired model of reforms: market and political institutions first, followed by economic development? Or should these two paths go forward together, hand in hand? Finally, does Europe need another type of enlargement policy, one that would take into consideration the disadvantages of the market economy and emphasize quality of life, employment, etc.? Instead of looking into another progress report drafted by the European Commission and waiting impatiently for veto issued yet by another of the EU member states, we shall focus on costs and benefits of the EU enlargement policy, believing that correctly addressed problems bring sustainable solutions.


– Prof. Alan Cafruny (Hamilton University; TBC)

– Magdalena Bernaciak, PhD (American University in Bulgaria)

– Dr. phil. Dušan Reljić (SWP Brussels Office)

– Moderation: Jan Muś, Agata Domachowska (IEŚ)