„Новая Польша” dla nowej Rosji

Piotr Mitzner

ORCID: Piotr Mitzner:

Strony: 105-120

Wydanie: Lublin 2010

DOI: --

Abstrakt: The Russian language monthly “Новая Польша” (New Poland), inspired by Jerzy Giedroyc, first appeared in September 1999. From the outset, this publication was intended for a sophisticated Russian audience, and for a Russian speaking readership – in particular for those cultural and political élites which are open to new ideas. Jerzy Pomianowski, a foremost Polish expert on Russian affairs, has been the editor-in-chief since the first issue. The publication deals with important problems faced by today’s Poland; yet it does not avoid topics resulting from the common history of Poland and Russia, nor does it shy away from the difficult and often painful issues of our past. It is even open to dialogue with those whose attitude to Poland is one of hostility. Thanks to its enormous popularity, “Новая Польша” is able to speak about Poland’s relationships with its other neighbours, especially with the Ukraine and with Germany. As relations between Russia and Poland undergo changes, it is hoped that this publication will help to break down the stereotyping on both sides and will contribute to a positive transformation of Poland’s image in Russia.