Wędrówka na Wschód Carstwa Moskiewskiego: wieki XVI i XVII. Jakim kosztem i z jakim skutkiem?

ORCID: Hubert Łaszkiewicz: 0000-0001-6697-8448

ORCID: Hubert Łaszkiewicz: 0000-0001-6697-8448

Strony: 129-136

Wydanie: Lublin 2011

DOI: --

Abstrakt: The following work presents the role of the East in the formation of the Russian statehood both in the historical and modern context. Taking over by Russia of vast areas of Siberia and the Far East exerted a great influence on this country, which now had a sense of exceptionality on a global scale (slogan: Russia, the biggest state of the world). The conquests completed in the 16th-19th centuries made modern-day Russia a power, particularly in the field of resources and energy, even despite the collapse of the USSR and the loss of the majority of the peripheral territories.