The Financial Faces of the CIS Countries and Ukraine in the global context

Małgorzata Smagorowicz-Chojnowska

ORCID: Małgorzata Smagorowicz-Chojnowska:

Strony: 9-43

Wydanie: Lublin 2014

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Abstrakt: The financial side of the country is less visible than the political, economic or cultural one. The difficulties in assessing the financial condition of a country lie not only in the complexity of the issue but in the fact that this financial condition is based on a non-material vehicle – money. The economic and financial ties made a better future accessible to anyone willing to share such values as a liberal democracy order. But the very recent history of the CIS region influenced by Russian politics forced us to change that view. The Russian annexation of Crimea and the attitude toward the Ukraine has changed the geopolitical scene. This is why the aim of the paper is to analyse not only the financial condition of the countries since the late 90s, but to answer the question: how the financial side of the CIS countries and Ukraine influences their position in the local and global context and how it may impact the future role of Russia in the region.