Znaczenie tożsamości regionalnej w kontekście zmiany

Katarzyna Sołkowicz

ORCID: Katarzyna Sołkowicz:

Strony: 75-86

Wydanie: Lublin 2011

DOI: --

Abstrakt: The text below is in no way claim to an exhaustive description of regional identity. This is rather an attempt to reflection on the elements constituting the regional identity, as well as the possibility of changes within it. The author wishes to consider the dimensions of regional identity. Synthesizing could include the following: the dimension of psychological, sociological, geographical, ethno-graphical, historical, economic, urban and architectural design. Turbulent changes in the environment cause the changing human attitudes towards the region, regional identity. Regional identity in spite of its stability and repeatability, changing both the form and meaning. It is worth noting that regional identity is an extremely complex concept and direction of change can be difficult to predict and plan.