Spójność Unii Europejskiej z perspektywy państw nordyckich

Monika Banaś

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Strony: 87-102

Wydanie: Lublin 2011

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Abstrakt: The Article examines the concept of territorial cohesion in EU countries seen from Nordic perspective. Long experience of the Nordic countries in the process of building cohesive economies and competitive knowledge-based societies, gives grounds to consider Nordic solutions in terms of so called “best practice”. According to this, the cohesion of EU societies and economies should be constructed by actions such as: developing an economy based on knowledge and innovation (smart growth), promoting efficient and competitive economy (sustainable growth), fostering a high-employment economy (inclusive growth) and promoting city networks parallel to the network of the European Pentagon. The proposed solutions should be adopted in a way including specific features of each country and region, which make the cohesion process a complex and multidimensional phenomenon.