Partnerstwo Wschodnie Unii Europejskiej: między realizmem a rozczarowaniem

Tomasz Stępniewski

ORCID: Tomasz Stępniewski: 0000-0002-4581-5145

Strony: 11-22

Wydanie: Lublin 2012

DOI: --

Abstrakt: The Eastern Partnership is becoming a more and more recognisable mark of the European Union’s actions in the east of Europe. The Eastern Partnership is a young policy, in the process of implementation. For the purpose of effective implementation of the policy, cooperation of all 27 member states of the EU is needed and cooperation of the 6 countries covered by the policy. The efficiency of the EU’s Eastern policy depends on the Union itself too. The EU, by its lack of a clear strategy in relation to the region, weakens its efficiency.