Economic convergence in the regions of the European Union Member States of Central and Eastern Europe

Bartosz Jóźwik

ORCID: Bartosz Jóźwik: 0000-0002-1418-2031

Strony: 79-98

Wydanie: Lublin 2012

DOI: --

Abstrakt: This paper is an attempt to answer the question of whether economic convergence occurs across the regions of the Central and Eastern European EU Member States. Here, convergence is analysed in terms of sigma convergence and absolute beta convergence and the calculations are based on the Eurostat database for 1995-2009. This study shows that the diversification of regional GDPs per capita across the Central and Eastern European EU Member States is, unfortunately, increasing over the period. However, the calculations on the regional convergence across this group of states show that convergence is proceeding, which may hide growing divergence among these countries.