Cultural convergence as an element of Cohesion Policy

Katarzyna Sokołowicz

ORCID: Katarzyna Sokołowicz:

Strony: 113-128

Wydanie: Lublin 2012

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Abstrakt: Regarded as a form of Europeanisation, cultural convergence is discussed in this paper as a system of values to be applied while deciding on how to execute EU Cohesion Policy. At the same time, this notion justifies any integration processes in Europe and complements traditional concepts of economic growth and development. Cultural convergence also refers to accumulated social virtues, administrative rationality, processes of innovation, and the creation of innovative regions. Moreover, this concept is a prerequisite for successful regional economies in the European Union. Hence, cultural convergence plays a key role in building a strategy and implementing Cohesion Policy. However, the ideas to standardise certain processes or to implement Europeanisation may make people anxious for fear of losing their specific culture and eliminating tradition perceived as a hindrance to economic development and growth.