Współpraca militarna państw Europy Słowiańskiej

Ireneusz Topolski

ORCID: Ireneusz Topolski:

Strony: 71-84

Wydanie: Lublin 2013

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Abstrakt: The collapse of the USSR resulted in the disintegration of a uniform national defensive system. Taking into account the scope of military cooperation of the states of Slavic Europe, it should be emphasized that each of them tries to realize their own national interests, which is reflected in the nature of the military co-operation. Russia’s bilateral co-operation with Ukraine and Belarus is dominant. The co-operation between Ukraine and Belarus has also been developing gradually. Russia is a supporter of a broad and intense co-operation in the military sphere, from military-technical sphere, the cooperation of arms industries to maintaining military presence and building a common space of security. Ukraine prefers the co-operation of the companies of military-industrial complexes, but also maintaining independence from Russia. Belarus, on the other hand, puts emphasis on the co-operation of arms industry with Russia and the supply of military technology.