Macedonia’s Difficult Path to the European Union

Mladen Karadzoski

ORCID: Mladen Karadzoski: 0000-0002-1942-1804

Strony: 9-26

Wydanie: Lublin 2014

DOI: --

Abstrakt: After becoming independent, the Republic of Macedonia consistently strived towards obtaining its membership in the European Union. The consecutive Macedonian governments implemented reforms aimed at meeting the Copenhagen criteria, which were appreciated by the EU. In 2005, FYROM was granted the status of a candidate country. Unfortunately, due to the unresolved dispute with Greece concerning the country’s name and the strained relations with Bulgaria, the starting date of the accession negotiations has not been set yet, even despite positive recommendations issued by the European Commission. Macedonian politicians are no longer standing the test of time and are beginning to abandon European standards.