Przestrzeń identyfikacji studiów nad pamięcią na Ukrainie: instytucjonalizacja kierunku

Ałła Kyrydon

ORCID: Ałła Kyrydon:

Strony: 45-66

Wydanie: Lublin 2015

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Abstrakt: The proposed issue is actualized considering the current state of human knowledge, which is determined by the emergence and evolution of new research paradigms, blurring the boundaries of traditional disciplines, active development of interdisciplinary studies, broad thematic and methodological diversity. In Ukraine, socio-humanitarian mainstream memory studies as a direction of social and humanitarian studies of memory meanings emerged at the beginning of the 21st century. The process of formation and development of a new direction joined scientists – representatives of different branches of science and accordingly various research institutions and universities in Ukraine. The spectrum of modern memory studies is extremely wide; it includes the study of language, behavioral and bodily practices, consideration of history and memory as a form of reflecting historical culture, history as the art of memory, and so on. The problem lies in attempt of theoretical understanding processes that accompany the emergence of a new direction of humanities. Nowadays arose the need to reconcile operating categorical apparatus of memory studies, systematize existing achievements of scientists, clearly defining of the objective field research. The basic trends and stages of a new direction of research in Ukraine – Мemory Studies – аnalyzed in the article. The author considers the institutionalization of memory studies in Ukraine as a process of separation and formation of collective memory studies as an independent direction of humanitarian knowledge. The article proves that strengthening of memory studies in contemporary Ukraine affects a diverse range of factors.