Euro-Atlantic Values and Russia’s propaganda in the Euro-Atlantic Space

Gunda Reire

ORCID: Gunda Reire:

Strony: 9-28

Wydanie: Lublin 2015

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Abstrakt: Russia’s war in Ukraine and the hybrid threats that it inflicted beyond Ukraine’s borders have exposed the entire Euro-Atlantic space and confirmed that the power of information is incredibly strong. Russia has invested massively in anti-European, anti-United States and overall anti-Western activities in order to undermine the rule of law, the authority of NATO and the basic values that have defined the Euro-Atlantic community since its inception. Russia’s propaganda deceives, multiplies absurd conspiracy theories and creates an information chaos. As societies, which are disoriented and confused, become an easy target for manipulation, the risk of political subversion, radicalization and change in the Euro-Atlantic course increases.