Ideas in ENP: conflicting visions and interests of ENP: the partner-countries

Małgorzata Grącik-Zajaczkowski

ORCID: Małgorzata Grącik-Zajaczkowski:

Strony: 111-123

Wydanie: Lublin 2015

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Abstrakt: From its onset, the ENP has been subject to a diversity of conflicting visions, expectations and interests of parties involved in this novel and broad policy-framework. Originating in economic and political pragmatism, these conflicting visions and interests weigh heavily on the efficiency of the ENP implementation. Overall however, the ENP partner-countries seem to agree in one respect, i.e. a criticism towards the EU and the rationale behind the launch and the modes of the implementation of the ENP. By dwelling on the ENP partner-countries’ positions and interests with regard to the ENP, the objective of this paper is to highlight that issue.